Carrying The Torch For Radio


I was fortunate last week to be asked to participate on the nominating committee for the National Radio Hall of Fame which, if you didn’t know, is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The legendary radio executive Kraig Kitchen is the chairman of this fine organization, and in speaking with him about my participation I was struck by his passion for carrying the torch for the Hall of Fame mission (

Kraig believes, as I and the many others involved do, that we can’t forget about the current and past legacy around so many great managers and performers who have served our industry and their markets with a commitment to excellence. It got me thinking about how important it is to commit to carry whatever torch we can that helps the foundation of our industry.

Consider carrying the torch that involves mentoring someone who is passionate about our business. Or carrying the torch that helps NAB advocacy on Capitol Hill. Maybe carry the torch that helps with feedback that improves research or audience measurement.

Or carry the torch that helps promote radio’s return on investment for advertisers. You can carry the torch for a local cause-related organization and make a difference.

Try carrying the torch for working with learning institutions and help students interested in our business. Or carry the torch that works with a group like the Broadcasters Foundation and help folks from our industry who are having challenging times.

The point is we are all in it together and it is so much better to carry a torch rather than complain and wave a white flag.


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