Alpha To Use Mr. Master For 249 Stations


Alpha will use the Mr. Master AIM software for the Alpha Media network of 249 stations in 52 markets. The product, Automation Import Manager, allows stations to automatically process their audio, place it into automation systems, and post the exact time of airing back to the content provider, allowing for a complete autonomous end-to-end solution.

Mr. Master’s President Stu Jacobs said, “In less than two years, we have exceeded expectations as we approach 900 AIM users. We have a great team and a great product that radio has embraced as the perfect solution for the needs of traffic, production, and programming. Alpha Media has always been forward thinking and saw the benefits of AIM early in our development. The confidence they have in AIM to be part of their day-to-day workflow has produced a successful partnership between us.”


  1. There’s no sense in getting ugly (again).
    I have no intention of going into creative writing.
    My best to you, John and your crew.

      • Oh Hi Maria. Did you get married? Congrats! I apologize for the colorful remark but it was just so funny to my inner “Stern” that I couldn’t help myself. A band-aid solution is a cheap fix to cover a wound when the patient has systemic problems. The spitting was just added humor because, well, if I have to explain why you shouldn’t spit on a bandage before application, that would ruin it. But re-infection comes to mind. Tthe 249 times refers to the difference between using an intelligent cloud system to seamlessly deliver a *customized* radio program or split-copy, spot package once to air at all the stations rather than using an free and ancient, problem riddled, ftp transfer…well, you know, problems have been documented. But there’s just too much to explain. Why not call John and make an appointment to visit our personal suite at NAB and we’ll explain the larger picture solution we are implementing to you. Please bring the elusive Stu, too.


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