Central Wisconsin Stations Sold

Jeffrey Smith, Gregory Buchwald, and Anne Smith have agreed to sell their ownership interests in Baraboo Broadcasting Corporation to Kelly Martinson. The BBC owns and operates station WRPQ(AM) and FM translator station W259BC, both of Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Phantom Producer Gets An Upgrade

This announcement comes from United Stations Radio Networks. It's the official launch of a new Phantom Producer website which features a reimagined user interface called the Sequencer.

Bubba Wants MRC To Prove Nielsen is Accurate

And the Media Ratings Council has not provided the information for several reasons, according to Bubba The Love Sponge's legal team. In his ratings tampering case, Bubba alleges that Nielsen's ratings are inaccurate, "and, therefore, any purported damages claimed by Nielsen in this matter cannot be properly attributed to the defendants."

Emmis Sells Magazines For $6.5 Million

On February 23 Emmis entered into an agreement to sell all the assets of Atlanta Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine and Orange Coast Magazine to Hour Media Group for $6.5 Million. That deal closed yesterday. Emmis has been trying to shed debt by selling off its non-broadcast assets.

Fisher Staying With Entercom

Back in November, Entercom announced CFO Steve Fisher would be leaving the company February 28 (yesterday), which is when his contract expired. With Entercom in the middle of this huge merger with CBS Radio, Fisher will now be staying for a little longer. And here's what he'll be paid.

Will Consumers Be Talking To Alexa In The Car?

The radio industry is already facing increased competition on the platform it has owned for so many decades, but what happens when consumers are able to seamlessly talk to Amazon's Alexa in their cars, and easily get their music and entertainment, without touching anything.

Lundgren: Abolishing Fairness Doc. Created Right Wing Talk Radio

This isn't a new argument. We've heard it many times before, mostly from groups who have a hard time understanding why so many people listen to -- and agree with -- Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and other Conservative talkers. But from a fellow broadcaster?

Durbin: NPR Needs More Money Not Less

Speaking before the NAB's State Leadership Conference in DC, Tuesday, Senator Dick Durbin spent a good portion of his speech criticizing President Trump's recent attacks on the media and the CIA. He also emphasized the importance of the free exchange of facts and opinion, the need to give more federal funding to the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, and highlighting recent work done by 40 radio stations in Chicago.

Do You Have Vision?

This year marks the eighth Hispanic Radio Conference. The conference continues to be an umbrella event for Hispanic broadcasters — an annual opportunity to share ideas, discuss and debate challenges in a multi-platform world, and network in a unified setting.
Wayne Ens - Radio

Are We Killing The Golden Goose?

(By Wayne Ens) Before we address the question of whether we’re killing the golden goose, let’s verify that broad­casting is still very much a “golden goose” com­pared to most other industries. According to the NYU Stern School of Business, we enjoy a 17.64 percent after-tax operating margin, well above the all-industry average of 9.51 percent.

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