Service King, Motel 6 Are The Winners

The winners of the third annual Westwood One Super Bowl Sound Awards were Motel 6 and Service King. Westwood asked listeners to vote on their favorite audio commercials airing in the Westwood One Super Bowl 50 broadcast. In addition, Westwood One commissioned a Nielsen study of 3,030 consumers who rated all 45 commercials on a series of key attributes.

Walgreens Holds Tight

In something of a dynasty shift, Walgreens held onto Media Monitors’ top spot this week with 48,150 radio ads nationwide, while perennial advertising titan The Home Depot plummeted from 7th position all the way to number 50.

(PODCAST) King Details His Ride To The Top

John King has been a successful manager for many years. Aside from his skills as a great leader and manager, King (pictured here) oozes passion for radio. He's high-energy, enthusiastic about the business, and fun to be around. He's a great motivator. King, who now works for Alpha Media in Dayton, is a guest on our next Management Podcast.

BMW Owners Want Their AM Radio Back

And some are willing to hack AM radio's back into their vehicles, a clear sign listeners want radio to remain front and center in the console. You may recall that BMW was the first auto company to ditch AM radio in its i3 electric vehicle. Well, that has apparently is causing problems with the owners of those vehicles.
John Garziglia - Radio

What’s Next For AM Revitalization?

(by John Garziglia) A week ago Friday, on January 29, a small but significant slice of broadcast station owners, engineers, and lawyers went wild, filing some 416 or so FM translator modification applications on Day 1 of the 250-mile move filing window.

Maxwell Responds To Comments About Her Story

The story we ran last week about Bobbi Maxwell, who quit her job with Cumulus after her workload became unbearable, generated days of discussion among Radio Ink readers. This weekend Maxwell responded to all of those comments. Here's what she had to say...

(SALES) The Eye Versus The Ear

(by Wayne Ens) Pro-digital marketing agency Mediative conducted an eye-tracking study to validate how consumers notice display ads on Web pages. Participants of mixed ages were assigned certain search tactics, and the researchers were able to generate heat maps showing the length of time spent looking at various parts of the page.
Matt Sunshine - Radio Sales

(SALES) How To Increase Your Closing Percentage

(by Matt Sunshine) If you’re in sales, you know it’s extremely important to close deals, right? That’s kind of an easy question, but I ask it because it seems as though many salespeople think their job is to have a lot of business in “pending.” When I ask salespeople how things are going, what I typically hear is, “I got a lot out there.”
Roy Williams - Radio

What To Say First

(by Roy Williams) You know what needs to be said. You’re just not certain where to start. Today I’m going to teach you what to say first. By the time you’re finished reading this, you’re going to know how to cause people to be delighted to give you their full attention. They’re going to be eager to agree with you before they’ve even heard what you have to say.

How Much Work is Too Much Work?

More on our lead story from Thursday which highlighted the plight of 30-year radio vet Bobbi Maxwell (pictured) who decided to quit her on-air job in Cincinnati after her additional work duties became unbearable. The story received a lot of feedback from our readers, including this comment from Jay Allen..

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