Rebranding For Brighter Media Flagship


Brighter Media Group’s flagship radio station, 95.1 SHINE-FM (WRBS-FM), will rebrand as BRIGHT-FM. The group is taking the name from Bright FM HD-2 which will be renamed in the future.

“Since 1964, when we acquired WRBS-FM, we have proclaimed Jesus. In 2009, we became SHINE-FM, an easy-to-remember name with values that joined with our mission to shine the light of Jesus. Now, in 2022, 95.1 SHINE-FM will become BRIGHT-FM,” said Steve Lawhon, GM. “This rename aligns our radio ministry to our media group, while also strengthening the reminder that we are bright light to our audience locally and beyond.”

“We love the name BRIGHT-FM and believe our listeners will love it, too,” said John Lawhon, PD. “More importantly, we are the same radio station, the same DJs and staff, and ministry that began 58 years ago.”


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