Radio To The Rescue in Louisiana

It hasn't been a front page news story with the Summer Olympics and the Presidential Election being so prominent in the news lately. However at least 13 people are dead and 40,000 homes damaged because of flooding in Louisiana. The Red Cross calls it the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy four years ago and estimates damage so far at $30 million.

Commission Proposes $15K Fine For Repeat Florida Pirate

Vilnord Simon is caught again for operating an unlicensed station at 103.1-FM in North Miami. The Commission says it warned Simon in writing that operation of this unlicensed station was illegal and that continued operation could result in further enforcement action. His repeat offender status has earned him a $15,000 government fine.

Morning Show Breakup in Boston

On Thursday afternoon, Entercom's Sports Radio WEEI announced that long-time morning personality John Dennis will step away from his co-hosting role immediately. There had been rumors recently that the morning show grind was taking its toll on Dennis. The reason the station gave was so Dennis could address health concerns.

Elvis Featured on

Syndicated morning host Elvis Duran was featured on where he told viewers traditional radio is not going to die. It's going to evolve, he adds, "We are seeing the shift. It’s working in our favor … keep listening. We are always evolving. Evolve with us” Watch the entire Elvis video HERE.

Why Did Townsquare, MSG Form Partnership?

Townsquare CEO Steven Price's philosophy has always been to diversify. Townsquare uses the power of radio to promote, execute and drive attendance to local concerts, fun runs, craft beer festivals and other events.

The Details of The Townsquare, MSG Deal

The Madison Square Garden Company takes about a 12 percent common equity stake in Townsquare. MSG purchased 3.2 million shares of GE Capital's Class C Common Stock. Townsquare did not receive any proceeds from this transaction. Townsquare CEO Steven Price is also purchasing 50,000 shares of GE Capital’s Class C Common Stock.
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National “Public” Radio Ditches Public Comments

It happens on every news site that allows comments. What the news organization hoped would be a civil conversation about a story winds up devolving into name calling and negativity that have nothing even to do with the story posted.

Texas Battles Over Political Disclaimer on Spots

It appears there's a glitch in the state requiring every political ad on the radio to include the tag about who paid for the ad. Of course, as most managers know, the FCC will frown upon you if that isn't done.

Friends Ready To Take Back Their Station

This is a story we've been bringing to you from the day it started (see stories below). The Friends of 88.5 FM, a nonprofit community organization formed to preserve local National Public Radio affiliate KPLU, have received approval from the FCC to take over operation of the station. The closing is expected on August 30 or August 31.

Toucher & Rich Celebrate Big Birthday

CBS Boston's Toucher & Rich celebrated their 10th anniversary this week with a sold out show at the Wilbur Theater.

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