Edison: Joe Rogan Is The Top Dog


On Wednesday, Edison Research released a few details from its first-ever Podcast Consumer Tracker report which will be conducted quarterly. The study is based on a continuous sampling of consumers who have listened to a podcast in the last week. Not surprisingly, Joe Rogan is number one with consumers. 

The study found that The Joe Rogan Experience was the leading podcast in terms of reach amongst weekly podcast consumers.

And, while the study tracks the relative reach of the top podcast networks, 54% of weekly podcast consumers have listened to an unaffiliated, independent podcast in the last week.

Edison SVP Tom Webster said this is the first study in the podcast space to tackle a universal measure of reach. “There are, of course, various charts of downloads that cover parts of the overall universe, but those either reflect only a portion of the podcast audience, or they only measure publishers that opt-in. The Podcast Consumer Tracker’s goal is a truly inclusive measure of the comparative penetration of the leading publishers and networks. In that, we have been highly successful.”

In addition to network reach statistics, the study also provides the only nationally representative look at the purchasing and consumption patterns of podcast listeners, content preferences, and advertising targeting information across a broad array of consumer goods and services.

The second report will be released in January.


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