Spotify Tests Possibility Of Adding Emergency Alerts To App


As radio continues to be the most reliable platform for the Emergency Alert System, Spotify is experimenting with integrating an EAS into its streaming platform. The music streamer is initially testing this feature in Sweden, as revealed through app code insights.

While details are still scarce, Spotify might distribute public announcements concerning emergencies like accidents and service disruptions although there is no regulatory requirement in the United States or Sweden for such services. Spotify confirmed the ongoing tests, stating, “At Spotify, we routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience while most serve only as an important learning.”

Including emergency alerts could also encourage Spotify users to keep app notifications active. Other tech companies have started to breach the emergency alert realm, like Meta, which offers Safety Check during crises. With the advent of the Wireless Emergency Alerts system, most mobile devices will already provide emergency alerts if a cell signal is available.

Following an October nationwide EAS test, the Federal Communications Commission showed a significant improvement in both reception and retransmission of emergency alerts across various media platforms, with radio outperforming other mediums.

The FCC’s findings indicated that 96.6% of EAS participants, which include radio, television, cable, and satellite services, successfully received the test message, up from 89.3% in 2021. Among the participants, AM/FM radio stations were the most reliable, achieving a 97% success rate in receiving alerts and a 94.7% success rate in retransmitting them.

Radio maintains its crucial role in emergency communications, particularly when cell phone services may fail, as evidenced during disasters like recent hurricanes and wildfires.


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