Summer Spend Remains High From Radio’s Top Tier Advertisers


As brands shift more firmly into summer strategy, the national radio advertising landscape is seeing a more diverse lineup of heavy participants. From June 3 to 9, insurance, cell carriers, home improvement, quick-service restaurants, and retail made top-five showings.

Progressive Insurance held the lead with 58,281 spots aired, but T-Mobile followed closely with 54,467 plays. The only change to the top three from last week was a bump from The Home Depot, putting the brand at 48,152.

The week also saw large leaps, with Wendy’s finishing fourth with 39,711 plays after spending the previous week at number twelve. Finally, Macy’s rounds out the top five with 38,888 plays – a sizeable step up from the #36 spot.

While the rest of the top ten features familiar names and spot plays comparable to the rest of the year, the top five continue to show high performance past the Memorial Day holiday weekend.



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