Top 10 Audio Brands of 2024 Revealed by Landor Group and WPP


Sound has transitioned from an afterthought to a critical element for brands seeking to enhance consumer experiences and recognition, especially as advertisers come around to the power and reach of radio. So who are the brands best handling audio?

Landor Group and WPP Network’s amp has unveiled the sixth annual Best Audio Brands report, presenting a detailed analysis of the top audio brands of 2024 based on their sonic strategy.

According to amp’s research, music usage in brand marketing content has increased by 10%, while licensed music has appeared in 1.5% less digital content. Ownable sonic assets are becoming increasingly valuable, with the report designed to spotlight these sonic leaders, suggest effective sound branding strategies, and provide a toolkit for brands to approach audio in an efficient, ROI-focused manner.

This year, Mastercard and Shell dominate the rankings, claiming the top two spots. Mastercard’s sonic strategy focuses on ensuring its branding is heard at every touchpoint where money is spent. This year, Mastercard implemented its branded assurance at over 300 million point-of-sale systems and high profile events worldwide.

Shell, in contrast, utilizes its sonic branding across traditional advertising and digital content. Although Shell does not use any sonic UX/UI at payment touchpoints, it successfully connects with diverse markets through variations of its sonic identity. For instance, Shell created a unique sonic variation for a Louisiana Bayou and wildlife conservation video, showcasing the brand’s ability to tailor its sound to specific contexts.

O’Reilly Auto Parts, which will be recognized by RAB as 2024 Radio Marketer of the Year at the Radio Mercury Awards, took eighth.

The Top 10 Audio Brands of 2024 were:

  1. Mastercard
  2. Shell
  3. Swiss Re
  4. Autozone
  5. Telenor
  6. Old Spice
  7. Burger King
  8. O’Reilly Auto Parts
  9. Just Eat/Lieferando/Grubhub
  10. Equinor

Other radio ad airplay staples on the list included The Home Depot (24), St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (35), State Farm (37), Lowe’s (51), Ace Hardware (84), and Cricket Wireless (88).

Additionally, amp developed a new sonic logo mini-ranking for media brands in the 2024 publication. Tubi’s newly released sonic logo topped this mini-ranking, surpassing HBO, Disney+, and TikTok.

The Media sector, more than most industries, understands the power of sound. However, the use of music from TV shows or video games can skew Best Audio Brands music usage data. Brands should maintain a unified message while avoiding non-ownable sounds like heartbeats or doorbells in branded sonic assets to preserve and promote individual brand recognition.

The report also provides sector-specific insights for advertisers.

Half of the automotive industry lacks branded music, despite all top 100 brands claiming a sonic identity. Audi, the sector champion, used its sonic logo in less than half of its content. The electronics industry is defined by its limited use of branded music, averaging only 3.3% of all content.

Burger King leads the eateries sector with numerous variations of its viral “Have it Your Way” track. McDonald’s has seen a decline in sonic logo usage, dropping from 95% to 20% this year. Little Caesars maintains consistency with one of the oldest sonic logos on the list. Liberty Mutual scaled the insurance sector ranking due to consistent use of its sonic identity.

The Best Audio Brands report underscores the critical role of sound in modern branding. By refining their strategies, brands can continue to lead in the competitive audio branding landscape.


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