Unlocking Hispanic Listeners: Medallas de Cortez Finalists Speak


On June 12, Radio Ink will be in San Antonio to honor Hispanic radio’s very best across seven categories with the Medallas de Cortez. These awards are a tribute to Raoul Cortez, the pioneer who launched KCOR, the United States’ first Spanish-language radio station in 1946.

Two days before the Awards, everyone will get to read this year’s finalists’ insights into radio and the industry’s fastest-growing demographic. In our June issue of Radio Ink magazine, we ask our marketing and sales finalists about how to reach Hispanic listeners – an audience with an annual buying power of $3.2 trillion.

Radio Ink: How has the increased popularity of Hispanic culture impacted the marketing and positioning tactics by advertisers?

“Successful marketers know that the U.S. Hispanic market is not homogeneous. The ads they are producing embrace the language, culture, customs, and values of the specific Hispanic group they are trying to reach. Marketers understand that Hispanic culture continues to weave itself into the fabric of the U.S.  There is tremendous potential for growth and as a result their messaging is evolving.”

Radio Ink: What do advertisers need to know about Hispanic listeners to help them better understand the importance of Hispanic radio’s role in reaching them as part of their marketing strategy?

“TSL! The time spent listening for Hispanic radio audience is substantial to that of the general market stations. Hispanic Radio, even at present times, it is still an important part of our daily routine, not only waking up and driving to and from work but also during the working hours. Not only have we become part of the Hispanic legacy in the U.S. at a cultural level through entertainment giving a musical solace to past, present and new generations of hard-working immigrant families, but also earned a solid trust in our communities with day-to-day engagement that with the still growing buying power of the Hispanic Market is too big for any advertiser not to include in their marketing plans.”

See what all our 2024 Medallas de Cortez finalists said, plus read our cover interview with FCC Commissioner Anna Gomez! The new issue of Radio Ink comes out Monday, June 10. Order your digital or print subscription today!

Come celebrate with Radio Ink in person: tickets for Hispanic Radio Conference 2024, June 12-13 at the San Antonio Airport Marriott, are still available!


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