Blast From The Past: The WIBC ‘Skyline Studio,’ Indianapolis, 1958


Happy Friday! This week’s Radio Ink Blast From The Past features the legendary Dick Summer from his days at WIBC 1070 in Indianapolis. He hosted his show from this small studio atop a drive-in restaurant called Merrill’s Hi-Decker.

Summer would broadcast Rock ‘n’ Roll to teens across Indianapolis, playing live to the crowds that would form in the 360-degree parking lot below. The only way into the glass box was up a fire escape, onto the roof, and then into the tiny studio via a trap door.

His show featured a “Make it or Break it” segment after the 10 PM news, where he played new releases and asked his audience in the parking lot to vote by honking their car horns or flashing their car lights. If the “No” votes won, Summer would break the 45 right there on air.

If the “Yes” votes prevailed, the record was played every hour for the next week. Every Saturday night, Summer hosted a live broadcast featuring a different local band performing in the parking lot.

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