Radio’s Ad Leaderboard Remains Calm As Memorial Day Nears


For the week of April 29 through May 5, the list of radio’s top national advertisers was a rundown of usual suspects, with the latest data from Media Monitors showing a surprising dip in home improvement ads, especially with Memorial Day less than a month away.

Progressive maintains its stranglehold on the top spot, with an impressive 59,647 ad plays. Upside leapt from fourth to second place with 48,122 plays. ZipRecruiter holds steady in third place with 45,060 airings.

Wendy’s, with 39,733 airings, had the largest jump of the week from seventeenth to fourth place. Lastly, Babbel, the language learning app, rounds out the top five with 37,888 plays.

As for those home improvement brands, Lowe’s stays just upside the upper echelon at sixth and The Home Depot fell to ninth. Despite the slowed pace over the past seven days, it’s likely to see a surge now that we’re firmly in the month of May.

radio 2024 - Apr 29-May 5


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