Radio Ads Turn Both Main Types Of Shoppers Into Buyers


Audio remains a powerful medium to reach the two main types of shoppers effectively, according to new research by Audacy. Whether through radio or podcasts, the medium is a crucial channel for connecting audiences with brands.

Audacy begins its data by categorizing the consumer market into two main types, the devoted shopper and the impulsive shopper.

Devoted shoppers are a marketer’s dream, as they exhibit strong brand loyalty. They respond well to consistent messaging that reinforces brand values and the benefits of products, making audio an ideal platform to cultivate long-term trust. These shoppers are 43% more likely to trust audio over other mediums.

Impulsive shoppers treat shopping as a therapeutic activity and are always on the lookout for the latest trends and products. They are particularly receptive to ads that offer new information and immediate incentives. These shoppers find audio advertising helpful for staying informed about new products and services, making them 10% more likely to appreciate advertising than the average US adult.

This data contributes to previous information from Audacy about audio’s effectiveness on shoppers, particularly in the competitive online sector.

Despite being cautious with online spending, 84% of consumers find audio advertising on radio and podcasts highly influential, with 90% trusting these platforms for purchasing guidance. This trust translates into tangible sales impact, as 20% of audio listeners admit audio ads can sway their purchasing decisions within three months.

Audio advertising boosts brand loyalty, with 86% of consumers likely to spend more and 81% inclined to make repeat purchases after hearing ads on radio or podcasts, demonstrating the effectiveness of audio in enhancing brand trust and consumer engagement.


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