Saga Charlottesville Adds ‘Cville Right Now’ Digital News Arm


As part of Saga Communications’ digital expansion, Charlottesville, VA, is joining other Saga markets in the launch of a new online news service. Cville Right Now mirrors localized platform debuts in Clarksville, TN, Asheville, NC, and Jonesboro, AR.

Cville Right Now is in collaboration with WINA-AM, Z95.1 (WQMZ), Cville Country (WCVL), 3WV (WWWV), The Corner (WCNR), and Fox Sports WVAX, and will offer free coverage focusing on local news, sports, and events.

Saga CEO Chris Forgy has previously stated the company’s goal to establish news sites in 18 markets by the end of 2024.

Saga Charlottesville Market VP/GM Garrett Klingel said, “We launched Cville Right Now as a more comprehensive news site that’s hyper local and always free. We don’t think people should have to pay money and create an account just to know what’s going on in our community.”

“We already do 8 hours of live and local news talk and sports every weekday on WINA, and now we have a website that brings that together with our local journalism to provide an easy to use platform of daily local content.  We saw a real hole in our community for timely, unbiased news, without all the national filler, and Cville Right Now can fill that need.”

Editor-in-Chieft Jaclyn Piermarini said, “When I joined Charlottesville Radio Group, it was apparent that an exceptional news team was already established. With the introduction of Cville Right Now, we’re positioned to fully leverage their reporting capabilities, extending seamlessly from radio broadcasts to digital platforms. Our mission is straightforward: to meet the community’s need for timely news updates and in-depth contextual understanding, precisely when it’s most critical.”



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