The Best Advice From Radio’s Most Influential Women


As Radio Ink celebrates the 25th anniversary of our Most Influential Women In Radio list, we talked to these trailblazers, leaders, and powerhouses about their journeys and the next generation. From maintaining a growth mindset and seeking mentors to being authentically kind and confident, these leaders offer invaluable guidance for navigating the dynamic landscape of radio.

Radio Ink asked the Most Influential Women In Radio: What is the best career advice you’ve ever given someone?

“Important to always be on a learning journey. Have a mentor who can help you regularly assess your career path and explore new opportunities. Work to build your network which can help lead to referrals or opportinites. Networking should be an everyday practice in your life. Embrace new challenges and skills.”

“This advice goes back to my journalism roots: always ask questions without fear of judgment. In my opinion, questions equate to confidence! In meetings with peers, prospective clients, or partners, I believe the most confident and intelligent person is the one who asks the most questions because they are engaged. I know they are emerging from the room with a clear understanding and already devising a strategy to move forward effectively.”

“Get in the room, tell your story and be kind. Getting in the room could mean going to the conference, the networking event, the interview, and telling your story because, at some point, you’ll get the *right* gig at the *right* place because of who you are. By being kind/your genuine self, you will always be someone people WANT to work with. Be the person people want to root for.”

See what all of 2024’s Most Influential Women In Radio said in the next issue of Radio Ink. Plus, get our cover story with ABC Audio Vice President Liz Alesse – it all drops on Monday, May 13. Order your digital or print subscription today!


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