CRS360 Webinar Series Returns With ‘A Great Personality’


Country Radio Seminar is continuing its CRS360 webinar series in 2024 with an upcoming session expanding on a topic initially covered at this year’s CRS conference in February and March: the significant impact of radio personalities in the Country music industry.

On April 24, “But They Have A Great Personality … A Deeper Look” will highlight key findings from a study conducted in partnership with market research firm Smith Geiger. Andrew Finlayson, Executive Vice President of Digital Media at Smith Geiger, will present additional data and insights not previously covered, offering a deeper understanding of this dynamic role.

The webinar aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the role of radio personalities across various consumer platforms.

Moderated by Clay Hunnicutt, Executive Vice President of Label Operations at BMLG, and featuring both Finlayson and Dan Reines from Smith Geiger as panelists, this session marks the first CRS360 webinar of the year. The event highlights CRS’s ongoing effort to enhance knowledge within the Country radio community about influential industry trends.

The research in question that was presented at CRS emphasized that despite the rise of streaming platforms, country music fans predominantly prefer live radio, attracted by the familiar and engaging personalities that host the shows.

Listeners show a significant preference for authenticity in radio personalities over a polished but impersonal delivery. About 86% of respondents favor genuine, relatable voices, and 73% appreciate hosts who can share personal insights about the music. The data also revealed that having an on-air personality could notably increase listening duration, especially among diverse audiences, with 46% of Black listeners indicating extended engagement due to this factor.

Notable for this election year – the audience’s preferences leaned towards personalities who avoid heavy topics like politics, opting instead for hosts who maintain a positive and casual tone. This preference extends beyond content, with listeners showing a higher appreciation for presenters who discuss country music news, local updates, and weather rather than broader news topics.

CRS360 webinars are free but require registration. To participate in the webinar or access recordings of past sessions, visit the CRS360 website.


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