The FCC Goes On The Hunt For Poughkeepsie Pirates


The Federal Communications Commission is moving its New York City pirate radio hunt up the Hudson River, issuing new warnings to two sets of property owners. FCC Enforcement Bureau agents found unlicensed broadcasts in Poughkeepsie and Mount Vernon.

The Poughkeepsie property, owned by Keiwan Morrison and Shadae Bailey, was found to have a pirate FM station transmitting on 87.9. The Mount Vernon investigation revealed an illegal broadcast on 104.5 MHz on land owned by Jeromio Edwards.

The FCC has requested both property owners to prove within ten days that they have ceased allowing pirate radio operations on their properties. Under powers bestowed by Congress in the PIRATE Act, the FCC has the authority to impose monetary penalties on pirate radio broadcasters up to $2,391,097.

While the owners are not directly accused of operating the stations, they are asked to identify those responsible for the illegal broadcasts.

Last month the New York field office issued a similar cease warning to Somerset Maplewood LLC over unlicensed broadcasting coming from Maplewood, NJ.


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