In Defense Of Your Inner ‘Kid In A Candy Store’


(By Buzz Knight) In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to lose touch with the boundless curiosity and unbridled enthusiasm of childhood. However, embracing your inner child can profoundly affect your creativity and well-being.

By tapping into that youthful spirit and embracing a sense of wonder, you can unlock new levels of innovation and inspiration in your personal and professional endeavors.

For the second time for my Takin A Walk podcast, I recently interviewed the great photographer Henry Diltz. If you don’t know Henry, take a look at the classic album covers of:

  • The Doors’ Morrison Hotel
  • Crosby Stills and Nash’s first album
  • The Eagles’ first album

That’s Henry. And there is so much more. He has photographed just about everyone. (Well except Taylor Swift, but don’t ever count Henry out.)

What strikes me about Henry, among many observations, is his childlike enthusiasm and energy at 85 years old. For Henry curiosity knows no bounds. He is constantly asking questions and seeking out new experiences.

Henry Diltz and Buzz Knight
(Photo: Ruth Presslaff)

It got me thinking about so many in the media business who are dealing with budget cuts, budget constraints, bankruptcies, and so much industry negativity. Here’s what I strongly ask you to consider:

While you are in the game, employed, and collecting a check, please don’t lose your childlike enthusiasm for the medium. I don’t care which department you work for, programming, sales, promotion, digital, engineering, or management, every moment should give you a sense of wonderment.

I realize many tasks can be mundane, but that enthusiasm while you are part of a team is contagious. Every time I was blessed to crack the microphone as a part-timer at WNEW in New York, I was a jumpy, nervous wreck – in a good way.

I felt like a kid in a candy store. It was like riding a ferris wheel for the first time, every time.

Too often in life, we get distracted by the negative noise around us and we miss the point of the mission. There is beauty and magic in the simplest of things if you have your eyes and ears open. We’re here on this planet only as long as the plan allows.

If we lose that sense of wonderment, we are missing the childlike enthusiasm that got us there in the first place.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner child and let your imagination run wild.

Thanks, Henry Diltz, for the reminder.

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