Cadence13 and 2400Sports Rebrand To Form ‘Audacy Podcasts’


As Audacy continues to consolidate and renew company operations, it is uniting and rebranding two of its podcasting studios. Both Cadence13 and  will be merged, forming a single unit to be known as Audacy Podcasts.

The move will not affect operational capabilities or involve layoffs.

Audacy acquired Cadence13 over a period from 2017 to 2019 in a deal worth tens of millions. The broadcaster started 2400Sports to become, “the home of the country’s best sports podcasts,” according to CEO David Field’s launch announcement in 2021. That studio was born out of Audacy’s deal with Major League Baseball to become its official audio and podcast partner.

The rebranding initiative has already been underway for months, with shows ditching individual studio imaging in favor of Audacy’s logo. involves transitioning the show art to feature the Audacy logo and adjusting marketing materials accordingly.

This news comes one day after the company announced the introduction of artificial intelligence technology to its podcast wing, aiming to refine contextual advertising in compliance with Interactive Advertising Bureau standards.

Despite other changes in the division, Pineapple Street Studios will retain its unique identity to seamlessly continue its production and creative capabilities.


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