North Carolina AM Station Knocked Off Air After Transmitter Blaze


After the destruction of an Oklahoma tower site for copper and the alleged theft of an Alabama AM’s tower, a North Carolina AM station is the latest to have a calamity affect its transmitter in 2024, with a Saturday evening fire roaring through its building.

The Kool 103.9 (WTXY-AM) broadcasting facility was gutted by the blaze, despite the efforts of several local fire and rescue teams. Efforts to extinguish the fire included firefighters entering through the roof to apply additional water. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, according to Fire Marshal Hal Lowder Jr.

The station’s studio, situated on Madison Street in downtown Whiteville, remains unaffected.

This is not the first tragedy to befall WTXY – the facility had been destroyed by flooding three times before. WTXY General Manager Jeff Allen Jones says the station is already putting plans in place to return to the air and rebuild. The station is once again streaming on its website.

Jones told Columbus County News, “WTXY will still be providing news and music to Columbus County. We appreciate everyone’s support right now. It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll be back on your radio soon.”


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