Democratic Party Invests Six Figures Into Multicultural Radio Ads


The Democratic National Committee has launched a six-figure radio and print advertising campaign targeting Black, Latino, and Native American voters in Michigan. The DNC’s investment in AM/FM comes after numerous studies showing radio’s multicultural pull.

The move comes as incumbent President Joe Biden lags behind former President Trump in the vast majority of polls.

The English-language radio spots feature Michigan Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist and Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes and emphasize Democratic efforts to reduce prescription drug costs for seniors, foster Black generational wealth, and initiate bipartisan gun safety legislation. The ads are also accompanied by a Spanish-language version.

The campaign, which started February 17, guides voters to the DNC’s and

According to Katz Local Vote, the 45.1 million Hispanic adults, representing 17% of the US population, are almost evenly split by age and gender, with a high political engagement rate of 73% among eligible voters. A notable 83% of these registered voters actively participate in elections, and an impressive 85% listen to AM/FM radio, surpassing broadcast TV’s 72% engagement rate within this demographic.

Similarly, the Black adult population in the US, totaling 33.6 million, shows a high political involvement, with 86% registered to vote and 85% consistently voting. This demographic tends towards an older age group, with a slight majority being women. Radio listenership among Black voters stands at 83%, which also exceeds the 77% who watch broadcast TV. This data underscores the significant influence of radio in engaging and informing Hispanic and Black voters, highlighting its critical role in the electoral process.

Similar reach for Black audiences was found by Nielsen.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison stated, “Democrats are meeting voters of color where they are and making sure that they have the information they need to make their voices heard. The stakes have never been higher for Black, Latino, and Native American voters, and we’re committed to building on our ongoing investments to engage key constituencies and earn the broad coalition of support necessary to win in November.”


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