Radio Is Key To America’s Increasingly Powerful Multicultural Vote


Radio continues to play a critical role in shaping the multicultural vote, serving as a vital platform for both Hispanic and Black communities in the United States. As the nation’s demographics evolve, the influence of the medium on the electorate remains significant.

Per Katz Local Vote, Hispanic adults, who make up 45.1 million or 17% of the US population, show a remarkable balance in age distribution, with 45% under 35 and 55% over 35. Women account for nearly half of this demographic at 49%, with men slightly leading at 51%. Political engagement within this community is strong, as evidenced by the 73% registration rate among eligible voters.

When it comes to Hispanic registered voters, their commitment to civic participation is evident, with 83% consistently showing up to vote. Moreover, 85% of this electorate tunes into AM/FM radio. This number beats broadcast TV, with a 72% engagement rate among Hispanic voters.

Political involvement is also high for the 33.6 million Black adults in the US, of which 86% are registered to vote. Out of that percentage, 85% consistently cast ballots in all elections. This segment shows a skew towards older age groups, with 66% over 35. Women make up a slight majority at 53%, while men represent 47%. While slightly less than Hispanic voters, an impressive 83% of Black voters say they regularly listen to radio, compared to 77% that watch broadcast TV.

As America becomes increasingly diverse, radio stands out as a pivotal medium for reaching and engaging multicultural voters. With high percentages of Hispanic and Black registered voters both participating in elections and consuming radio, political candidates and advocacy groups should recognize the importance of audio in their communication strategies. Engaging with these communities through AM/FM can be a powerful way to inform, inspire, and influence the multicultural vote.


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