Marketron Names Jimshade Chaudhari CEO, Succeeding Howard


Marketron CEO Jim Howard has announced he is leaving the executive position. To ensure a smooth transition, the company has already appointed his successor, Senior Vice President of Product Jimshade Chaudhari, as Howard resumes his position as Board Chair.

Chaudhari’s elevation to CEO is backed by his experience in product management, where he has held significant influence over Marketron’s product strategy, user experience, and customer adoption. Before joining Marketron, Chaudhari held leadership roles in product, marketing, and business development, including as vice president of product and partnerships at Sling TV.

Howard, who held the CEO role for five years, remarked, “Jimshade led the transformation of the product portfolio to an integrated broadcast and digital offering, enabling transformation of the radio industry into the next stage of its development. I can think of no one better than Jimshade to continue to lead Marketron forward.”

Chaudhari commented, “I am honored to lead Marketron’s talented team. Together, we’re committed to continue developing innovative products and services that will help our customers succeed in the ever-changing world of broadcast and media.”

Alongside the change in leadership, Marketron revealed it is selling its Marketron REV broadcast sales and order management platform to Imagine Communications. The platform offers real-time access to inventory, ratings, and dynamic pricing around broadcast revenue generation and converged orders.


  1. This transition happened four months ago…Diversis should have never put Howard in the CEOP position int he first place as it’s been a travesty.

    It’s too little too late to save Marketron as the self-proclaimed turned around king (Jim Howard) ran yet another company into the ground. Marketron hasn’t won any new customers in years and is loosing money, in a lawsuit with one of its largest traffic customers (Emmis), and went through massive RIF’s in the last 7 months.


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