Americans Still Spend 25% Of Their Waking Hours With Audio


Audio’s post-pandemic renaissance held steady in 2023, according to Edison Research’s final weekly insight for the year. A broad view of the average US listener showed that American audiences aged 13 and up still spend more than four hours with audio each day.

When Edison first compiled its Share of Ear study in 2014, the average daily listening time was four hours and 17 minutes across all audio sources. Over the years, there was a noticeable dip in listening duration, reaching a low of three hours and 44 minutes in 2020. However, this trend reversed in 2021. The latest data from Q3 2023 shows that U.S. listeners currently spend an average of four hours and 11 minutes per day on audio consumption, mirroring the levels from nearly a decade ago.

Share of Ear Audio Consumption

This consistency highlights the resilience of audio in maintaining its relevance in people’s lives. Despite the plethora of video options and evolving consumer behaviors, US listeners continue to allocate over a quarter of their waking hours to audio. This presents a compelling case for advertisers, demonstrating audio’s vast reach, frequency, and potential impact headed into the new year.


  1. So I guess this rag is now called Audio Ink? How much TSL has radio lost since the advent of streaming and podcasting? As a seller of radio advertising just to get back to where I was 5 years ago I now need to sell ads across all audio channels. My clients can’t afford that. Instead they pay less and I earn less selling radio spots that deliver fewer ears.


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