Before Making 2024 Plans, Ask Yourself These Four Questions


(By Buzz Knight) What is generally the best advice if you are stuck on solving a problem or creatively stuck on a project? Put it down until tomorrow or the next day so you have a fresh set of eyes to look at. From my personal experience to behavioral scientists, this is a tried and true way to inject critical thinking into an old problem or new venture.

As we round out the year and try to wipe away the holiday cobwebs here is a checklist for your consideration on things that may need a fresh set of eyes. (Your mileage may vary depending on the heft of the problem and how wide you’re willing to open your eyes.)

Have you adequately shared the state of the state of your entire organization with all stakeholders?

Sometimes when we are trying to find our way to success, it’s important to start at the basic fundamentals of leadership and make sure everyone is aligned with the mission. This is particularly more important than ever in a world where silos are more prevalent than ever.

Is there a staleness to your presentation?

This statement includes on-air presenters, reproduced branding, live copy language, in-person appearances, website look and feel, sales packages, social media look, and anything else that has grown cobwebs. All of these are critical to put a fresh set of eyes upon.

Whose success can you study and emulate?

I didn’t say copy, I said emulate.

When you are trying to maximize current performance or grow new opportunities while you’re stuck in the mud, it is useful to have your executive team or entire organization break down how success is occurring for others.

Are they taking an opposite approach compared to what you have done?
Is there a series of bold steps they took that you should consider?
Did they partner with someone relevant to your situation that you can tap into?

Breaking down what others have achieved and putting your own stamp on it is strongly worth putting on your fresh eyes checklist.

Is everyone on the bus the right person?

This may be your most meaningful checklist item that needs the most attention. Too often, when we are surrounded by mediocrity. Internal atrophy sets in and nothing fresh and exciting tends to flow when solving problems or creating something new. Spend time evaluating this, and, if necessary, make the difficult moves necessary to get you to advance.

Speaking of a fresh set of eyes, look out for my reports in January from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If you aren’t attending, and you desperately need a fresh set of eyes to your approach, CES may be the New Year catalyst that you are looking for.

Buzz Knight can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]. Read Buzz’ Radio Ink archives here.


  1. Appreciate it Fred. We all have to mow the lawn from time to time whether we like it or not. See you at CES 2024, a perfect place to reset.

  2. Buzz, what a great piece to read heading into the holiday week, a perfect time to “mow the lawn” as you’re famous for saying. Everyone in our business, from CEOs to managers, from public companies to mom & pops can benefit from asking themselves these 4 questions. Thanks for these timely and important remeinders.


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