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December is a time for family, celebrations, and reflection. It’s also when Radio Ink honors the next generation of broadcasters with our 30 and Under Superstars list, along with columns and features that highlight the importance of recruiting young people to radio and helping them develop their careers.

Cover Story: Heather Birks and the Broadcast Education Association

As the Executive Director of the Broadcast Education Association, Heather Birks works with industry leaders, schools, and organizations to recruit and train new radio professionals. Our interview reflects Birks’ passion for radio and her excitement about radio, media, educational programs, and the students she works with!

2023’s 30 and Under Superstars

Worried about radio’s future? Reading our annual 30 and Under Superstars feature will make you breathe a little easier! All of our honorees are leading, inspiring, and making things happen as on-air talent, producers, programmers, promotions specialists, and account executives.

We asked our honorees about their paths to careers in radio, what surprised them most about the radio industry, and what the industry needs to do to retain younger talent. Their answers are insightful, thoughtful, and powerful.

Special Feature: Marie LeMaitre of The Radio Fam

Marie LeMaitre began her radio career as a teenager, taking it upon herself to create a promotion for a new station in her area. In 2017, she developed an online community and podcast called The Radio Fam, focusing on the experiences of young people in radio.

In this candid interview, Marie shares her story and those of other talented young professionals. She also provides insight into what the industry could do to encourage younger talent while bridging the divide between traditional broadcast radio and digital media.

Be the Placer on the Post

One thing’s for sure: If you see a turtle on a fence post, somebody helped it get up there. Deborah Parenti, president and publisher of Radio Ink, reminds us of the importance of helping others succeed.

Radio’s Old Man in the Woods

In his latest column, Roy Williams shares an interview with master sales trainer Dennis Collins, who began his radio sales career in his 20s, quickly rising into management. Collins reinforces the importance of skilled management and leadership, as well as the importance of effective training.

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    How many people under thirty-five even know what terrestrial radio is? Be realistic. The Baby boomers are the end of the generation who grew up with radio. The only way radio will survive today is programing of interest or rare treats. Several of the small market station not all of course have sold time to want to be DJ’s, taking the effortless way out. Basically, the only listeners are family or friends. It is a shame. Help fight Air Pollution. To make radio work it must be in your Heart and Not A HOBBY. Several small market radio stations no longer even have a sales force on the street just an order taker back at the station. News staff come on, listening to a small market station the other day The person reading in the news read……. AS MENTIONED ABOVE. If you want listeners be creative.


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