Does Your Station Need A ‘Spotify Wrapped’?


If you’ve been on social media in the last week, you’ve undoubtedly seen the yearly deluge of Spotify Wrapped posts, where the streamer offers users a personalized summary of their year in music. Given the popularity and pride people have in sharing their results (and giving Spotify tons of free advertising to boot), you may have also asked if you need to create something similar for your station or brand.

According to data from CivicScience, you’re probably better off focusing your energy on other ways to get audience interaction. While Wrapped still works for Spotify, most people are losing interest in novelty year-end recaps.

While the same 30% of people surveyed by CivicScience said they have a favorable view of Spotify Wrapped, more people are falling out of favor with the review. 5% of those surveyed in 2023 switched from Neutral to Unfavorable, giving a 25% rate of disdain.

As for other brands, interest in similar year-end summaries from other platforms is declining, with a 3% decrease in those Very Interested to 7% and a record 78% of US adult respondents expressing no interest whatsoever.

Additional insights reveal that Spotify Wrapped enthusiasts tend to be frequent business travelers and social sharers of celebrity gossip. Notably, these fans also report lower stress levels compared to those indifferent to the Spotify feature.

In summary, while personalized data remains appealing to a section of Spotify’s audience, the broader allure of recap-style features across platforms may be waning.


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