Biden’s Early AM/FM Campaign Gives Critical Swing State Boost


A recent study by Katz Radio Group has revealed how President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is using AM/FM to win the 2024 multicultural vote in swing states. The research focused on Black voters and the approval boost and voter intention boost radio made.

Results were compiled from the responses of 500 Black Americans in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina who plan to vote in the 2024 election. Of those, 70% believe it is a smart strategy for President Biden to use radio to reinforce his achievements and seek their votes. This supports previous voter data collected by Katz, which found 83% of Black voters regularly tune into the radio. This figure compares to 77% who watch broadcast television.

Black voters exposed to President Biden’s recent radio campaign are 26% more likely to view his performance in office positively than those who have not heard the campaign. Furthermore, these voters are 10% more likely to vote for Biden if the presidential election were held today.

In addition, early investment in radio ensures a prominent presence in a less saturated political environment, allowing candidates to gain a larger share of voice. Given that every percentage point will prove crucial in what will be a hotly contested 2024 political season, radio continues to demonstrate its potential in positively swaying America’s powerful multicultural vote.


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