Hispanic Audiences Among The Most Engaged With Radio


As Hispanic Heritage Month begins across the US, new data shows how Hispanic and Latin audiences are an integral part of radio. The study involving 500 participants revealed a deeply committed fanbase that has a longstanding relationship with their favorite radio stations.

The data, collected by Katz Media Group, showed that 67% of Hispanic listeners have a favorite radio station, with music-oriented stations making up 90% of these favorites. The study also found that most Hispanic listeners have their favorite station preset in their cars, ensuring quick and convenient access. The average listener in the survey has been tuning into their favorite station for 14 years. Given that the average age of respondents is 40, this implies a strong, long-term relationship with their chosen stations.

The content and emotional appeal of radio stations play a crucial role in retaining Hispanic listeners. According to the survey, 73% say their favorite station improves their mood, while 59% believe their favorite station positively impacts their local community. As a result, a significant 83% of respondents would genuinely miss their favorite station if it went off the air.

Hispanic listeners are not just passive consumers; 70% have actively engaged with their favorite stations. This includes following them on social media and participating in station-sponsored events such as concerts and charity drives.

The study suggests that brands can benefit from this high level of engagement. 47% of Hispanic listeners are more inclined to purchase products advertised on their favorite stations. Moreover, the active involvement of this demographic in station-related events and online platforms presents additional avenues for brands to connect with potential consumers.


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