ZipRecruiter Leads Radio Ads, Forecasting Economic Growth


Radio’s ad rebound continues for a fourth consecutive week as brands shake off the stagnant summer. Based on the most recent figures from Media Monitors, the total spot plays for the week’s top five national radio advertisers reached 229,931, marking an increase from the previous week’s tally of 219,703.

ZipRecruiter is making a strong comeback ahead of the Q4/holiday hiring season, claiming the top position this week with 51,727 spot plays. This surge pushed last week’s frontrunner, Bank of America, into the third slot, even though it maintained a notable count of 48,651 spots. Online language learning service Babbel also held its momentum, securing the second position with 49,124 spots, indicating a sustained and aggressive marketing push across industries.

Vicks held onto its spot within the top five, although it slid to the fourth position. The brand aired 44,229 spots, showing a minor decline from last week’s 44,752. New to the top five this week is Discover, rounding out the list with 36,200 spot plays. This comes as The Home Depot saw a decrease in its spot plays, exiting the top five.

The week’s average spot plays per advertiser came in at 45,986.2, a slight uptick from last week’s average of 43,940.6. After a year of fluctuations in advertising spend, the radio sector has seen increased stability over the last month. This could signal a less turbulent landscape for radio advertising as we head into the final months of 2023.


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