Public Radio Music Day To Highlight Local Culture For 2023


Several US lawmakers have introduced resolution H.R. 689 that designates October 25 as the fourth annual Public Radio Music Day. Representatives Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA), Mark Amodei (R-NV), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), and Jake Ellzey (R-TX) acknowledge the essential role that local public radio music stations play in communities and the music industry across the United States and its territories.

The yearly celebration, organized by the noncomMUSIC Alliance, is themed “Building Community Through Music.” It aims to highlight the contributions of public radio to music education, artist discovery, and local culture. The event will serve as a reminder of why over 25 million Americans tune into noncommercial music stations each week.

Rep. Scanlon expressed, “Public radio stations are an incredible source of entertainment and education, providing listeners across the United States a gateway to the world. The diversity of their innovative programming is an unparalleled public service which I am proud to celebrate with this resolution designating October 25, 2023, as Public Radio Music Day.”

Rep. Ellzey remarked, “Public radio has helped define generations. Since its inception, NPR has been a cornerstone of our country. It has grown alongside the United States, striving to keep the public informed and entertained.

Rep. Blumenauer added, “Public radio showcases the unique sounds and styles of our communities, reflective of the incredible diversity of our nation. It is only fitting to celebrate these contributions.”

More information on Public Radio Music Day on the official website.


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