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Radio stations today face a variety of challenges that impact their ability to produce quality programming efficiently and cost-effectively. As revenue declines, unprecedented cost pressures add urgency to the need to deliver quality programming efficiently and economically, leading broadcasters to find affordable talent wherever they can. At the same time, quality of life is more important than ever for staff. Both factors highlight the need to work remotely, requiring staff to wear multiple hats and perform multiple functions.

A high-quality radio automation system will go a long way toward meeting those needs. The automation you choose should be full-featured, secure, and stable​, allowing even small stations with limited budgets to deliver high-quality, professional sound, while also allowing staff to work efficiently from anywhere.

When evaluating radio automation software, features you should look for include:

  • Access to the entire in-studio experience remotely, whether broadcasting from home or on-location
  • Tools that make it easy to leverage talent and content across stations and markets
  • Seamless integration with other systems you use every day, including your traffic system, music scheduling, production order workflow management systems, your CRM system, etc.

WO Automation for Radio offers all that and more, providing simplified radio automation that’s centralized, scalable, and remotely accessible, with an available iOS app, AFR Mobile, giving users control of WO Automation for Radio from anywhere. Staff can modify programming instantly and on-air talent can control the station during radio remote broadcasts or sporting events, eliminating the need for a board operator. 

To discover how WO Automation for Radio can help your station or station group do more with less, please contact us.


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