Patty Steele Podcast Uncovers ‘The Backstory’ Of Famous Events


Premiere Networks and veteran radio talent Patty Steele are introducing The Backstory with Patty Steele. The podcast, debuting July 31, will deliver the hidden accounts of significant historical and pop culture events every Tuesday and Friday.

In The Backstory, Steele uncovers lesser-known facets of well-known stories, providing a deeper understanding of the larger narrative. Episodes will encompass a range of topics, from exploring the macabre happenings at a world-renowned architect’s home to delving into the evolution of bathing suits. Steele’s intention with the podcast is to deepen listeners’ connection with the past to gain insight into our present and future.

Steele said, “My fascination with these kinds of stories is all about a fun peek behind the curtain of what we think we know about famous folks, events and lifestyles. When we discover these incredible backstories, it’s a blast worth repeating to friends! I look forward to helping listeners deepen their connection to the past, so we can understand how we got to the present, and how to better map out our future.”

Premiere Networks President Julie Talbott shared, “Patty is a gifted storyteller, and we’re confident listeners are going to love her captivating exploration of these moments in our history. The Backstory with Patty Steele is intriguing, entertaining and informative, and we can’t wait to share it with podcast fans.”


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