Instreamatic Tech Now Offers Hyper-Targeted A.I. Ads


AI-powered audio platform Instreamatic has launched Contextual Audio Ads. Using this technology, advertisers can create hundreds or thousands of fully-customized spots hyper-specific to the listener’s context and environment.

Contextual Audio Ads can be customized to the listener’s location, time of day, the name or type of app or platform they’re using, the activity they’re engaging in, and even the current local weather. The point of Contextual Audio Ads is maximized ROI and closer customer connections for brands. Instreamatic also wants to apply this technology to podcasts.

“Instreamatic’s Contextual Audios Ads are better at capturing listeners’ attention because they speak precisely to that listener’s context and needs in the moment,” said Stas Tushinskiy, Instreamatic’s CEO. “Starting from a single original audio ad, our advanced generative Voice AI capabilities can create unlimited new creatives to address each listener as an individual. The result is an uplift in listener engagement, greater ROI, and more meaningful customer connections for brands.”


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