Arabic Language Podcast For Arab Youth


“Lana” is an Arabic language podcast focusing on issues that impact Arab Youth. The podcast is produced by Doha Debates, an organization that strives to bring people together around global topics using a full spectrum of events and media.

Rawaa Augé, former France 24 Arabic presenter and Al Jazeera journalist, hosts the podcast. “Lana”-the Arabic word for ‘Ours’- tackles questions for young Arabs in culture today, including: Is the Internet a healthy debate space? Is the Arabic language evolving? and, Has cancel culture gone too far?

“I’ve been following Doha Debates’ English content, and hosting the Arabic edition has been a dream,” said Augé. “I am very proud to have been selected as a host of their first Arabic podcast. I look forward to the listener responses to the topics we’ll tackle, which are close to the interests and concerns of today’s youth.”

“Lana” is Augé’s first podcast for Doha Debates and the first Arabic-language podcast for the organization. The inaugural episode tackles the issue of whether the Internet is a healthy debate environment.


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