Indeed Most-Run Spot for Third Week


Employment services provider Indeed continued to hold its rank as the most-run spot on stations coast-to-coast for the third consecutive week in a row, with a slight increase in spots run compared to the previous week.

According to data from Media Monitors, Indeed spots ran a total of 50,670 times across monitored stations, more than 500 runs than the 50,116 reported last week.

Indeed supplanted Progressive for the top-spot designation by volume earlier this month. While Media Monitor’s prior report had Progressive as the 47th most-run spot, data for last week showed it was back in second place with 46,102 spots running on monitored stations.

The top 5 radio spots last week were:

  1. Indeed (50,670)
  2. Progressive (46,102)
  3. Lowe’s (41,126)
  4. ZipRecruiter (34,144)
  5. The Home Depot (33,368)


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