Podcast Movement Apologizes to Ben Shapiro


After apologizing on Twitter when Ben Shapiro unexpectedly appeared at The Daily Wire booth at their conference last month, Podcast Movement President Dan Franks has issued the following statement, which includes an apology to Ben Shapiro.

“As we stated, we’re continuing to evaluate our policies guiding social media & events with inclusivity, diversity & respect for all. We have to start by sincerely apologizing to Mr. Shapiro for our reaction when he visited a booth we sold his company. That wasn’t right. Podcast Movement began in 2014, with four podcasters who had an idea to create a vibrant community that was for podcasters, by podcasters. We’re still those people with the same idea, and recognize there’s work to do as we grow. We are now looking to move forward, as we focus on that original mission from 2014 – being a hub for podcasting events, resources, news, and thought leadership.”

The entire Podcast Movement situation really played out on Twitter. The Podcast Movement string of apology tweets followed another tweet from an unknown conference attendee who said Podcast Movement was making him or her feel unsafe for allowing Shapiro to be there. Shapiro went to The Daily Wire booth, took a few pictures with fans, and left the building. He was there for about 15 minutes total.

Earlier this week, Cumulus cut ties with the conference. The Cumulus Podcast Network has been The Daily Wire’s advertising sales representative since 2016. The Ben Shapiro Show is also syndicated through Westwood One, which is owned by Cumulus.

The Company released the following statement: “At Cumulus Media, our tenet is that Every Voice Matters and we support conferences and trade events where differing political viewpoints can be expressed and received with respect. As such, we were dismayed and disappointed by Podcast Movement’s handling of the reaction to our partner, top podcaster, and conservative talk leader Ben Shapiro’s mere presence at Podcast Movement. After giving the leaders of Podcast Movement sufficient time to appropriately address their misstep, we are disassociating from Podcast Movement, including canceling our 2023 sponsorship plans.”

The Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing took to Twitter Thursday evening after hearing from Franks, and accepted the apology.


  1. Classy response from Jeremy Boreing but pretty appalling that it had to come to this in the first place.
    What “hurt speech”, what “hate”? The man has his views and you have yours. Maybe your presence made Ben feel unsafe hence the need for security guards whenever he’s out in public but I don’t hear him crying about it.

  2. Big bad Ben Shapiro walks in a conference for 15 minutes and someone’s tiny little feeling got hurt.
    Boo F—ing hoo.
    This childish behavior is really embarrassing.
    Grow the hell up!

        • I imagine the poster likely does NOT support hate, but rather rejects the tyranny that comes from people getting to declare that someone else’s speech is poison and must thus be silenced. It is actually that latter thing which is scary and unsafe, not the words of someone else.

          Instead, learn to love those who disagree with you or you disagree with (2000 year old wisdom)!

        • Can you imagine the hatred that it takes to cry over the fact that someone else was allowed where you were? Everyone who feels hatred believes their anger is justified. You’re the one who thinks their anger justifies censorship and exclusion here.

      • Maybe see that America is uniting in peace and equality and doesn’t need to hear the voices of people like Shapiro. Peaceful voices only, thats actually what podcasting is about.

      • You’re definitely over 50 and angry at the world, AwC’mon. Podders don’t relate to old man angry radio people. Which is why the Podcast business is booming and old man, tired radio is dying off. Stay angry and irrelevant!

  3. I am so confused by the comments on this thread?!? Exactly how does Shapiero (who has never committed a crime let alone a violent one) merely walking into a room make people feel so unsafe they break down? Because he doesn’t think like you? I’m genuinely concerned for the future of our society if you guys aren’t being sarcastic. It’s a nation full of toddlers not getting their way.

    • Actually, just people who care about other people and their mental health. Hate has NO place in podder life!

      Free Speech but NOT hate speech!

      • So you’re saying Ben Shapiro is so evil that he’s responsible for the mental health problems caused by people who so much can’t stand him that they have to run to their rooms… and that therefore he should be censored and excluded. Bjorn, you’re the one committing hate speech.

  4. You can’t take people’s money and then offend them, and then apologize to the person who offended them. 2 steps forward, 100 steps back.

  5. I’m enjoying the absolutely hilarious responses from those that love their free speech but are so terrified of any opposing views that they feel the need to restrict the free speech of others. How fragile must these “podders” be that they can’t exist in a world that might intellectually challenge them?

    • Free speech and Hurt speech, B. Learn the difference. This was a “Free Speech” event where Hurt speech is not welcome. Say what you want, but not if its meant to offend. Not that hard, B. Love will win, maybe not tomorrow, but it will win.

  6. I expect a lawsuit from those who have suffered mental health breakdowns because of Shapiro’s entrance. I sit here in sadness and total confusion. Peace and love to my fellow podders.

  7. All the media does is try and shoot down people who are different and prop up the ones who come to punish us. Are they no longer going to refund people who were offended and scared because Shapiro walked into the building? Do better and be nicer. Even though the sided with hate, LOVE will win.

  8. What a joke. People were afraid for their lives, crying and running away. Now Podcast Movement has become a MAGA Podcast agency. This is sad!

    • Wait, Gwendolyn: “afraid for their LIVES”? Has Been Shapiro massacred people BEFORE? Did he arrive brandishing automatic rifles? How many people did he slaughter? If someone has created so much irrational fear of someone else who has never committed nor advocated violence and who came unarmed, that’s the person guilty of hate speech!

  9. And to this day, they still don’t know who it was that “was harmed and felt unsafe because of Ben’s attendance”. They shot at the hip to accommodate one snowflake and now they have to back pedal because of an avalanche! R.I.P. podcast movement, your days are numbered!


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