Stitcher Holds on To Triton Top Spot


For the month of May, Stitcher Media was the number one network again according to Triton’s Podcast Metrics measurement service. Stitcher averaged 59.6 million weekly downloads and 14.8 million average weekly users.

NPR came in at #2 with 32.2 million average weekly downloads and 6.6 million average weekly users. Audacy was third with 29.5 million average weekly downloads and 7.7 million average weekly users.

In May, according to Triton, there were over 228 million average weekly downloads for the top 20 publishers. NPR News Now from NPR remained in the #1 spot for downloads, followed by Cumulus’ The Ben Shapiro Show which climbed up to the #2 spot, and Audiochuck’s Crime Junkie moved down to #3.

New shows debuting during this period for downloads included Headline News from The Associated Press (Audioboom), and Murder, Mystery & Makeup (Audioboom). For listeners, Marketplace Morning Report (American Public Media), American History Tellers (Wondery), and Snapped: Women Who Murder (Wondery) debuted. One podcast, Erazno y La Chokolata El Podcast (Stitcher Media), debuted for both downloads and listeners.

Top 5 podcast genres (most downloaded): News was the most downloaded category (27.1%), followed by True Crime (20.3%), Comedy (17.6%), Society & Culture (7.1%), and Sports (6.3%).

Downloads by device type: The majority of downloads occurred on mobile devices (93.1%), whereas only 1.8% occurred on a desktop or laptop.

Top 3 highest indexing shows for women 18+: Watch What Crappens (Stitcher Media), Something Was Wrong (Wondery), and The Viall Files (Kast Media) were the top 3.

Top 3 highest indexing shows for men 18+: The Pat McAfee Show 2.0 (Stitcher Media), The Fighter & The Kid (Kast Media) and 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer (Stitcher Media) ranked highest.



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