Why I Go To CES


For Now! Media Co-Founder Tony Garcia, the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show was his third. Garcia, who also works with the syndicated Bob & Sheri radio show tells Radio Ink he attends the event to stay on top of the quickly changing world of technology.

Garcia was also part of the annual Jacobs Media Tour where Fred and Paul Jacobs help radio executives navigate the massive event every year.

Radio Ink: Why did you go to CES?
Tony Garcia: I go to CES to get a better understanding of where technology is going and see it first-hand. With the speed of change and advancements, we can’t afford to be late to the party.

Radio Ink: Did you see anything that popped out at you that radio MUST know about?
Tony Garcia: While I didn’t see anything that radio MUST know about, I think there are things radio SHOULD know about–like the large number of companies about to enter the US auto market. -Will those vehicles have AM/FM radios? One manufacturer is 9 months away from delivering vehicles and “wasn’t sure”. As we all know, we can’t lose the dashboard.

Radio Ink: Where does radio stand, compared to SiriusXM, when it comes to auto manufacturers?
Tony Garcia: I didn’t specifically have any conversations about Satellite Radio, but one of the most interesting and encouraging things I saw was Xperi’s radio. It is a radio that connects to the digital stream of a station when the analog signal is lost. I first saw this at RadioDays Europe in 2019. It has the potential to put any station on a national footing, like Sirius. Of course, that means the user experience for streaming will need to be improved, but it was great to see.

Radio Ink: As you flew back home what were your thoughts on the entire experience?
Tony Garcia: Having pretty much all my flights canceled, I did more cursing than thinking on the plane. Seriously, thought about the changes over the three CES’s I’ve attended. Screens have always been the thing, but Voice has become less of a thing than in past conventions–especially versus 2019. Screens are everywhere from Toys to Relaxation Chairs to hydroponics and of course cars.

Radio Ink: Why should more radio executives attend?
Tony Garcia: I think more Radio executives should attend to get a broader understanding of the technology that will impact society, and in turn our business. We’re competing for the audience’s time. As new technologies arrive and new twists appear, this can translate to less time with Radio. Since we’re an AQH based industry, less time spent with the medium could mean lower ratings for stations.

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