Could Bongino Be Headed For Fox News Radio?


    That’s one of the rumors flying around as Bongino takes this week off from broadcasting his program on hundreds of Cumulus radio stations. During his protest against Cumulus’ vaccine mandate, Bongino continues releasing podcast episodes.

    The rumor about Bongino moving to Fox Audio is interesting. Whether it’s even possible is another story. It, most likely, would all come down to Cumulus tearing up their original contract with the popular conservative host. However, it may also allow Cumulus to keep Bongino broadcasting on the hundreds of radio stations they put the muscle of Westwood One behind when they launched him back in May. Fox does not have a vaccine mandate and Bongino already has a working relationship with Fox News where he hosts his own program Saturday night.

    Cumulus launched the 3-hour Bongino radio show in New York, L.A., Chicago, Dallas Washington D.C. and San Francisco, among other markets. When you have hotly contested political races, like the election for Governor of Virginia, which will be decided today, having a talker in best-of mode is not ideal. Both the affiliates and the listeners lose.

    We reached out to Fox Audio for a comment and they had nothing for us on the story.

    There was a huge conservative talk radio gap to fill in the 12-3PM slot when Rush Limbaugh passed away. At the time of his launch, Bongino said, “This is an incredible privilege, and I pledge to honor the trailblazing work of those who came before me.” Now, it’s become a daily fight with Cumulus as the host uses his popular podcast to rail against the company mandate. Here’s what he said yesterday on his podcast.

    “My battle with Cumulus continues. I will not be on the air again today. It’s getting really ugly and I wish it weren’t. There’s an easy way out of this, they refuse to take it which is just insane so I’m going to have to develop some alternate plans here. I will not be live on the air today because of these vaccine mandates. But this is not about vaccines, it is about control. It’s always been about control. They must break us, and the way to break us is to keep people scared all the time.”

    Bongino did not detail what that “easy way out” was.

    Both Cumulus and Westwood One have not commented on their Bongino story. We sent two e-mails to Bongino yesterday and did not hear back.

    Westwood has informed affiliates that Bongino chose to take this week off.


    1. For the science deniers here…keep telling us you won’t get the vaccine, but promise us you won’t go to the hospital because you don’t believe in science. My sister and her husband are non believers. They both took ivermectin and then had to go to the hospital. She spent a week there with a blood clot in her lung. My mother also refused the vaccination, she just got out of the hospital after a week and a half. Do you know what she said? “I thought I was going to die, I wish I’d have gotten the vaccine.” That’s really priceless, isn’t it? Yet the foolishness continues. If you need her phone number, I’ll be glad to give it to the non-believers.

    2. Dan has really bad ratings, his show is a 3 hour rehash of his 1 hour podcast with nonstop plugs for his Fox show. It’s unlistenable. He doesn’t like doing it knowing it is not popular, so he cooked this up. If his “principles” are so strong, why is his podcast still distributed by Westwood, which is owned by Cumulus? He won’t do radio for them because of the mandate, but he will podcast for them with a mandate? The guy is a total fraud.

      • Dan is standing by his principles, thank God. He’ll land another gig where tyranny doesn’t exist.

        Who is going to replace him on Cumulus?? Most likely a progressive liberal who’ll sing the praises of the Jab and Biden. Hey Cumulus prepare to lose money!!!😂

    3. Let’s be clear. Your story on this is misleading and so is the official speak from Westwood. Dan did not take these last several weeks off. He was taken off the air!! Big difference! Point 2: Cumulus/Westwood is a service provider. Dan is a content provider. The service provider has muzzled the content provider. How PC of them. Point 3: Wake up C/W! Dan doesn’t need you. You need him!! Continue down this road and you will become more & more irrelevant.

      • So you’re saying there’s an abortion mandate? Not the same thing.

        Phil Valentine also talked on the radio about “my body my choice.” But then he died from covid. Now he has no choice.

      • How about “my company my rules?” Companies have rights too. It has nothing to do with freedom. It has to do with signing a contract, having a company believe in you, and then you stiff them and go to the competition. He’s now giving them an ultimatum, which isn’t fair to the thousands of people who work for them. Cumulus has already had one talk show host die from covid. His dying wish was for everyone to get vaccinated. Bongino does care about the memory of Phil Valentine. He hasn’t mentioned him once. All he cares about is himself and getting what he demands.


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