What’s Next For Cross-Ownership at The FCC?


That’s the topic for a very important panel at Forecast 2022, November 16th in New York City. What are the discussions being overheard now in broadcast circles? Will radio benefit at all? Or is this a bigger factor for TV? With HD Radio on AM, “zonecasting” getting much attention, and Democrats calling the shots at the FCC, is the SCOTUS’ decision a non-starter for years to come?

Our panel about The FCC begins at 11:05 November 16th and includes

Frank Montero, Co-Managing Partner, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth as the moderator. Frank will be interviewing:
Mark Fratrik, SVP/Chief Economist, BIA/Kelsey
Bob Mc Allan, CEO, Press Communication, LLC and PMCM TV, LLC
Justin Nielson, Senior Research Analyst/Broadcast Media, Kagan
Justin Sasso, President/CEO, Colorado Broadcasters Association

Check out our full Forecast 2022 Agenda HERE.

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  1. I am predicting that cross-ownership loosening just took a major hit, today, with President Biden announcing his Chairperson and fifth Commissioner nominees.

    Democrats, across the board, are becoming increasingly Socialist, meaning they favor LOTS of government control…of the private sector…and our personal lives.

    Dark days ahead, in probably every aspect of our lives…

    • It depends. Some people don’t like big corporations doing whatever they want, owning all media, and making decisions about who does and doesn’t get heard. The only limit on corporate monopoly is the government. Left unchecked, these companies will control every aspect of our lives. Consider what’s going on now with Facebook. Is that OK?


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