Dennis Prager Says He Has COVID


Syndicated talker Dennis Prager said on his show that he tested positive for COVID last week and his worst symptoms were the chills and his fever never went over 99. Prager is broadcasting from his home while under quarantine. He said he wanted to receive natural immunity.

Prager told his audience that natural immunity is the most robust immunity you can have against COVID-19.

He said he hugged thousands of strangers at rallies around the country “without being inoculated.” And, he says, finally I got it from somebody.”
Prager said he’d been taking Zinc, Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, calling them therapeutics.”

The conservative talker is 73 years old.


  1. Those who say they prayed for Dennis to die from this disease need to go watch his PRAGERU videos on the Ten Commandments, specifically the one on Taking the Lord’s name in Vain. He makes the point in that segment That the Commandment had NOTHING to do with swearing or cursing It had to do with using the name of the Lord in the promotion of an Evil Act being a Sin that even God will not forgive. Think about that. When you pray that something evil will happen to someone good, you are condemning your own soul in a way that you will never be forgiven for sullying the Name of the Lord by attaching It to an immensely evil action.

  2. Vaccinated are EXPONENTIALLY less likely to get Covid or die than the non vaccinated…
    It’s been reported that the death rate from Covid with the vaxxed is .001%. The death rate with the unvaxxed .025%…
    Still pretty good odds.
    And I don’t have nearly enough space to go into the FALSE reporting of deaths and the changes of the algorithms to make literally anything a Covid death.
    You’ve been made pawns. The greatest way to control citizens is through fear and force. The Democrats excel at both.

  3. “Prager told his audience that natural immunity is the most robust immunity you can have against COVID-19.” More BS! Folks who contract Covid-19 do get it again! Reason is even natural immunity fades at about the same rate as the vaccinated. And when you are elderly immunity wanes even faster.

    • Israel study shows natural immunity is 27 times better than vaccine in preventing a recurrance. 15 other studies support it as well. It is science and be thankful it is true or else this situation would be way worse. Be thankful for therapeutics for the millions who have used them successfully all over the world while the vaccines are limited in distribution especially to less ‘prosperous’ countries.

  4. On Wednesday he told his listeners that he has miraculously tested negative for covid. He gives all the credit to the various medications he’s been taking. It’s a miracle!

  5. Another enlightened medical expert that stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. How many people will he inspire to not get vaxxed that won’t be as lucky as he was?

  6. Wonder how insurance companies view the concept of people catching a disease on purpose in order to get immunity. Might void his coverage.

  7. Dear Dennis – I guess what Ronny & Bobby are saying is they are glad you survived and are on the road to recovery. They just couldn’t figure out the right words to say. They keep stumbling over their ignorance, biases, and hate.

    • No hate here pall. Just frustration with selfish narcissists like Prager, who ignore medical science to further their own political agendas, and who thereby potentially put other lives in danger.
      Apparently that does not matter to you.

  8. “Natural immunity?”
    Oh, would that it twould that it twer.
    Yeah, I guess that would be a pleasant surprise picking up some of that.
    Meanwhile, that’s a lottery that almost nobody has been hitting.
    But don’t let me interfere with these dolts who are twisting and contorting themselves – all the while swaddled in an insane form of zealotry.That’s right. “Jesus has my back. Not yours.”
    The faithful surely do thrash around, do they not?

  9. Prager took ivermectin???
    And clearly he’s anti-vaccine.
    Prager, talk to the 724,000 Americans who are now dead from Covid about how, as you say,
    “their natural immunity is the best.”

      • Semantics. Whether you are “anti-vaccine” or “anti-mandate,” you are choosing to ignore medical science. You are choosing to ignore the scientific fact that vaccinated people are EXPONENTIALLY less likely to get Covid, or to die, than non-vaccinated people.
        “Anti-mandate” hinders and slows down the vaccination effort. How is that beneficial to anyone? Or are your “rights” more important, than saving lives and slowing down the pandemic?
        Like another commentator said here, 774,000 Americans have already died of Covid. Anti-mandate followers like Prager and you choose to disregard the medical science facts, and to disregard the deadliness of this pandemic.


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