NRG Launches New Morning Show Today


NRG’s KQKQ in Omaha has launched “Nikki & Spicoli Mornings.” The new show pairs current KQKQ morning host, Nikki Oswald, with Jason Spicoli who joins from crosstown non-comm, 89.7 The River, where he was the host of “Spicoli’s Morning Fiasco” for the past 18 years. Oswald has been hosting Sweet 98.5 mornings since late 2018 and was previously with NRG Media in Lincoln, NE.

NRG Media OM and KQKQ PD, David Adams, commented, “Jason’s passion and creativity, partnered with Nikki’s enthusiasm and authenticity as well as their undeniable chemistry should make for a very engaging show! Nikki & Spicoli Mornings is sure to connect with the Sweet 98.5 audience in an impactful and meaningful way.”

Oswald added “I’ve known Jason for a hundred years (15, actually) and I am PUMPED to have an old radio friend join me in the mornings on Sweet 98.5. As two Nebraska kids who grew up listening to Sweet 98.5 – this is the dream. Super excited to bring high energy back to morning radio in Omaha.”

Spicoli remarked “Ecstatic is an understatement! I grew up listening to Sweet 98.5 and this is THE STATION that got me hooked on radio. I’m grateful to be here, teamed up with the highly talented Nikki Oswald to shake up your mornings! Thank you to GM Mark Shecterle and David for giving me this golden opportunity!”



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