Car Talk Ends A Long Run


Car Talk launched as a local show on WBUR in Boston back in 1977, hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi, also known as Click and Clack. In 1987 the show went national and was a huge success for NPR.

Tom died 7 years ago. Ray joined WBUR to talk about his late brother and the success of the program.

The past Saturday The Best of Car Talk aired for the final time.

Podcasts of “The Best of Car Talk” will be released twice a week, starting Oct. 1. In celebration of the show’s more than 30-year-long run on the air, WBUR’s Cityspace will host an event, both in-person and online, on Thursday, Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. Get tickets here.


  1. For those of us who had a little less knowledge of the inner workings of that 62 Corvair, this show was a breath -an exhaust- of “fresh air”. It was as fun to listen to as it could be, with a little bit of education. This is how you teach people. While nothing lasts forever, this show will be missed.


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