NAB Launches “Trusted” Journalism Campaign


The National Association of Broadcasters has launched a series of new commercials for stations to air that underscore the importance of fact-based journalism, they say, “at a time when misinformation is running rampant on social media.

Listen to or download the commercials HERE. The ads ask listeners to text “radio” to 52886 and let their elected officials know they depend on local journalism, while taking a jab at social media for spreading disinformation. The spots are part of NAB’s We Are Broadcasters campaign.

“At a time when misinformation and disinformation are all too common online, the local journalism broadcasters provide is more important than ever – we deliver the facts Americans need to know without fear or favor,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “We want to remind the public and our nation’s leaders about the indispensable role broadcasters play in our local communities every day as the most trusted source of news.”


  1. Thanks to corporate radio there is very little true radio journalism on radio today. I pray that no “conservative” talk stations elect to run these spots. They don’t air “news”. What they do offer is as dishonest and dangerous as the worst of the internet. We do need honest journalism on radio as once it was.


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