‘Indisputable’ Passes The Million Mark


TYT’s Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey has achieved 1 million podcast downloads, putting the show in the top 5% of all podcasts. This comes after The Hicks Evaluation Group recognized Indisputable as “America’s Fastest Growing Television News Show.”

Every weekday, Dr. Richey covers stories about criminal justice, politics, social justice, and policy. Senator Jon Ossoff (D-GA) credited Dr. Richey’s journalism as, “Fulfilling [a] public obligation to bring facts into public light and into the awareness of policy makers that indicate a possible pattern of abuse, misconduct, and racism.”


  1. Trump’s ancestors came from Europe, so does he also lose citizenship due to his heritage? That means he held public office illegally….

    • That’s very interesting. HIS immigrant parents were here, when he was born, and it seems you’re right. Especially since he wants to eliminate birthright citizenship.
      I appreciate your take on it.

  2. If trump ends citizenship for u.s. born immigrants, does that mean Barron will no longer be a citizen? I mean, since mommy is a mail-order Russian bride, not born here….

    • and his parents were chain-migrated here.
      Don’t get me wrong, immigrants built and are still building this country.
      I welcome them all legal or “illegal”
      But i call out the hypocrisy of his message.
      “Okay for me, but not for you.”


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