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(By Bob McKay) First, props to Beasley, Cumulus, and Radio One for leading the way regarding vaccines for their employees. Companies like these are definitely taking a proactive approach in helping our country to get ahead of this horrible pandemic.

Ignore The Political Rhetoric, Here is The Hard Data…

Hopefully, the hard indisputable data below, will convince some hesitant folks out there to get vaccinated. This will help to save lives!

Yes, you can still get COVID even if you’ve been vaccinated. Medical scientists have stated this from the beginning.

The good news – If you are vaccinated and you still get COVID, you are exponentially much less likely to need hospitalization, than if you were not vaccinated.

The CDC reported on August 24th that unvaccinated folks who get COVID are statistically 29 times more likely to require hospitalization.

Hospitalization will cost you $50,000 or $100,000 or more, depending on the length of your stay. And don’t expect your  insurance company to cover all your costs.

And for the months of June and July 2021, the CDC reports that for all reported nationwide COVID deaths, “only” 3% of those deaths were people who had been vaccinated. We say “only” because certainly any death is tragic.

But consider that – 97% of all COVID deaths in June and July this year were unvaccinated individuals. This CDC data is publicly available online.

So the hard data “odds” of surviving COVID exponentially favor the vaccinated. For items 2 and 3 above, wouldn’t you take those odds all day in Las Vegas ?!  You’d be rich!

Reader comments have appeared here on Radio Ink where the commentators conflate and reference anecdotal stories or “facts” from other countries about COVID.

Those stories are irrelevant – because we are talking only about United States-based data and the vaccines used here in the United States – Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson.

You cannot compare the data from our vaccines, to the different vaccines used in Europe, China, and elsewhere.

Also, some commentators try to undermine the credibility of vaccines, and bring in political discourse and talk about rights…all while they claim that they are not “anti-vaccine.” That’s using passive aggressive behavior, to make your point.

This pandemic is not about rights… it is about responsible behavior. And the hard data I’ve cited, proves that the responsible behavior is to get vaccinated. Otherwise, you are recklessly endangering yourself and you are not helping mankind to slow down and eventually arrest, this horrible pandemic.

Do your part. Get the vaccine. You will be helping to slow down the pandemic. And you will be helping to save lives, possibly including your own.

Bob McKay’s radio career included working Boston and Riverside. Riverside. He his now President of IDCA, an automotive centric marketing company. Bob can be reached at [email protected]


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