Dickey Adds 12 More Local Hours


The Conservative News & Talk Station owned by Dickey Broadcasting Company in Atlanta is extending its morning show, The Morning XTRA, to five days per week. The Morning XTRA is hosted by Lt. Colonel Mark Zinno, and Atlanta Radio Veterans, Tug Cowart and Scott “Rhino” Rheinhold.

“The state of Georgia was the mecca of the national political scene in the 2020 election and since that election Georgia also has become home of some of the most engaging, entertaining, and important local political conversations in the country. By adding 12 additional hours of live and local content, we are allowing the listeners of Atlanta to hear a local version of our political landscape. We are excited for Mark Zinno, Tug Cowart and Scott “Rhino” Rheinhold to entertain, engage, and inform throughout Atlanta’s morning drive.” said David Dickey, President, Dickey Broadcasting Company. “


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