Clear Adds R&B Adult Hits Format


Programming veterans Mark McCray (President of Programming and Operations/Clear Media Network) and Jay Stevens (TenShare Media) have joined forces to launch a new format in the Adult R&B genre, R&B Adult Hits. The format is targeted to Adults 30-49.

The format will include songs from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Core artists include Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Usher, Snoop, Mariah Carey, Jodeci, Michael Jackson, and more.

“Having two of the best R&B and Urban Programmers in the industry collaborating on this R&B ADULTS HIT format will only create an appetite and immediate demand for this on-of-a-kind R&B sound,” said Gary Spurgeon, COO of Clear Media Network. “Our research showed that there is a very strong appetite for a Gold-Based R&B format that highlights the highest testing ADULT HIT songs for the R&B audience. This is the solution for stations looking for a competitive edge in the crowded R&B landscape.”

“We are excited to offer a programming solution that will highlight the sound that many adult listeners are seeking and demanding. A hit intensive, balanced blend of great R&B. Many of the artists and songs that we love to experience in the “Verzus” battle on social media,” says McCray. “This is a fun, upbeat, one-of-a-kind sound, making us much different from any traditional UAC or Classic Hip Hop Station . . . this R&B ADULTS HITS format is in its own lane.”

Jay Stevens, President of TenShare Media Consulting says, “This is a fun, lifestyle format that fits every market and will absolutely hook your listeners. It’s from an era in R & B and Hip Hop where there are so many hits . . . hits that evoke emotion for everyone.”

For more information, contact Gary Spurgeon at 972.674.3100 or [email protected]


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